These are candles.

The Christian Community is a movement for religious renewal in Sacramento and is open to all who seek a living, growing relationship to Christ.  Central to our working is a respect for the autonomy and integrity of each individual human being who is striving for a modern, healthy relationship with the Christ and spiritual world.  Our services are seven renewed sacraments, ritual forms that are contemplative and prayerful and which both guard the freedom of the individual as well as being community creating events. We are part of a larger worldwide Christian Community that was founded in 1922 in Switzerland with the help of Rudolf Steiner.  Both men and women serve as priests and have done so from the beginning of our movement.


By appointment:

Rev. Sanford Miller, 916-548-4224

Rev. Rafal Nowak, 916-912-2497


10 A.M. Wednesdays, following the Act of Consecration of Man